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 Jana Rooheart is a caring blogger and education specialist. She writes academic writing guides and helpful blog posts for students at You can contact Jana via Twitter or Facebook.

I first have noticed that something was wrong when my 9-year-old started having troubles falling asleep. It is quite common for the kids of his age, so I took all the usual steps. We’ve talked about how sleep is important and how he must get up in the morning to be at school on time. We negotiated the time. I stocked up on chamomile tea and lavender essential oil. The revelation
Online safety
Internet has already covered the whole globe with the wires, and most of the time you cannot escape from it. Sounds like a beginning of the horror story, right? For sure, you don’t have to be scared – technologies bring us so many opportunities and make our lives a lot easier than it used to be. There were literally so little things in our history that managed to shape our culture, communication and entertainment as much as Web does.Yet, there is no place for carelessness – with great power comes great responsibility.
“Nomophobia” is a word coined by Patrick O’Neill, a British postal clerk, in 2008 to describe smartphone separation anxiety. It is an acronym for “no-mobile-phone phobia”. Smartphones were a news back then, but people already started to display strange behaviors. O’Neill was shocked to see how inseparable people grew from their phones, not leaving them behind even while visiting the bathroom. He became an activist, trying to attract attention to this problem. Almost a decade later, instead of wearing off, this phenomenon only grew in scale.
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