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So I'm gonna pick Sasha up. I'm really gonna hold her feet really well. I'm gonna slide my hand all the way to her forearm so I feel really secure as I lift her. So I'm just gonna start the water running over her. So the first thing I'm gonna do is clean her eyes. So I have a brand clean washcloth. I'm gonna use one corner for one eye, and she's not gonna love this, but she'll close her eyes when I come at her, and I'm gonna do the other eye with another corner. Here it comes. So now I can put a little bit of soap on my cloth and just do her ears. Even if they're five years old, you can't leave them alone in a tub in the bathroom, because if the child stands, slips, and falls, it could be extremely dangerous for them. Now I'm gonna wash her face a little bit. So again, I'm gonna use a little bit of soap. I can even do it with my hand a little bit. Let's just rub your cheeks a little bit. You are fabulous. You're just so amazing. Yeah. Now I'm gonna wash her hair, and I'm gonna use my little doctor's scrub brush right now. If the baby has a little cradle cap, this can just loosen it up a little bit without being too scratchy or harmful. Yes, you are. And now I'm just gonna wash her body. Well, I use my hand. Let's just give you a little massage here. Let me wash your little hands, and so now your legs. One leg at a time. Now I'm ready to do Sasha's back. So all I'm gonna do is sit her up and change my hands. Here we come. And I'm just gonna lean her forward a little bit on the heel of my hand. And I'm gonna do a quick little wash right down into her bum. Then I can lay her right back, and she can rinse her own back. And we're done. That's all there is to it. Just bring her right out of that tub and wrap her up in a towel. You are one wonderful. Pick them up in your arms and dry them right here.







I have been using the baby bath products from different brands and so far there's  one products that is stuck with me for life which is the natural baby shampoo by the moms co. , it has such great ingredients and great for a newborn.