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It is inevitable that your child will have questions about life and death, and whether or not you are religious, these can be hard for any parent to answer. Being a spiritual parent can mean incorporating faith-based routines in your family's lifestyle or simply being in-tune with your child's needs and teaching them important values to live by. Kids In The House parents and religious experts have tips for every parenting style to help children through their own spiritual journey.

Actress Elisabeth Rohm explains how she incorporates spirituality into her parenting style while allowing her daughter to make her own choices. “There isn’t a sense of obligation in faith, but an opportunity in faith,” says Rohm. She has seen how religion has played a role in her life and helps teach her daughter good values. Rohm encourages parents to allow their children to explore different religions as a means to help them have a greater perspective in life.  Author Asha Dornfest also explains how this will help answer their personal questions they have about life. “I started realizing that my kids had spiritual questions that I really didn't have,” she says. “I needed to open my mind to the fact that perhaps there was a place for religion or some sort of spirituality in our life because it was coming from them.”

Religious and spiritual ideas can also help parents guide their children through life’s hardest experiences. When a child loses a loved one, whether it is a family member or a friend, it can be hard for them to understand and cope with the situation. Sometimes, we as parents may feel stressed about how to approach them about the situation, but Rabbi Sherre Hirsch explains that sometimes its better to have them tell you their own understanding before you explain something complicated. “Give them the room to think about it,” says Rabbi Hirsch. “Ask your child, instead of telling them what happens when we die.”

Experts also see how spirituality can help children continuously create good habits. Reverend Jimmy Bartz sees how spirituality incorporates habits that are important to raising virtuous children. “If you want to cultivate more hope in your family, maybe sit around the dinner table in the evening and say what were you grateful for that day,” advises Reverend Bartz. Virtue helps children create good habits as they interact with others throughout life. “We want to extend ourselves in love to everyone,” says Reverend Bartz.

Do you still need help answering your child’s questions about life? Join Kids In The House tomorrow at 1:30pm PST for “LIFE QUESTIONS 101: Guiding Your Child Through Their Spiritual Journey.” We will be joined by Rabbi Sherre Hirsch, Reverend Jimmy Bartz, and Candy Gibbs, author of Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture. Click here to RSVP.

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