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The holiday season should be a time of peace and happiness in your household; however, if things start to feel too stressful it oftentimes becomes a time of chaos and hostility. Creating a holiday budget while making sure your children are happy can make any parent feel overwhelmed this winter. Kids In The House experts have the answers to bring the peace and happiness back into your home this season.

Author Tsh Oxenreider explains how she prepares for Christmas by creating the right expectations with her children. Every year each child gets three gifts for Christmas. They know they are getting three so it helps to temper expectations during this time of year. “We don't feel this pressure of giving a lot, getting a lot and going overboard, and beyond our budget,” explains Oxenreider. Blogger Shiva Rose also explains how you can put together simple homemade decorations that help make your home look beautiful without spending a lot of money. “One of the things we love to do is to take an orange and put cloves in it,” says Rose. “It looks really beautiful and it makes the house smell wonderful.”

Overcoming holiday stress also means making sure you are spending time with your family. Lifestyle expert Samantha Ettus encourages parents to schedule time with their kids to do holiday activities with them. She plans a day with her kids to make holiday cookies.  She then uses these cookies as gifts to teachers and family friends. This idea is both great for spending time as a family and staying within your budget.

Lastly, most importantly it is important to remind yourself and your kids why you celebrating. Whether or not you are religious, the holiday season is a great time for you to celebrate your time together as a family and reflect on the great memories from the past year. If you are raising a spiritual child, Rabbi Sherre Hirsch shares an ancient piece of Jewish wisdom: “You are the most important thing in this world, but you are also one of many so make your time count here.” Reminding your children of their self-worth and the worth of others this holiday season will help them develop great qualities of confidence and charity.

Kids In The House wishes your family a peaceful and safe holiday!

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