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Having a new baby in the house is both exciting and exhausting. Many parents find themselves asking, “Will I every sleep again?” Kids In The House has interviewed experts from across the country to help both you and baby sleep through the night. Here are their answers to the top four most frequently asked questions on getting baby to sleep.

How should I soothe my baby in the middle of the night?

When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying, it can be hard to decide how much to soothe them. Co-author of The Happy Sleeper, Julie Wright, explains what she calls the soothing hierarchy. “What this soothing hierarchy does is it gives you the ability to find out what your baby's capable of because babies grow and change so fast,” she explains. One week, your baby may need you to come in and pick them up in order to get them back to sleep. The next week, just standing by their crib may be enough to help them feel comfortable. Wright encourages parents to first wait by the door when they go to help their baby and then slowly move closer and engage more until they stop crying.

When will my baby sleep through the night?

Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Solution book series, has heard this questions many times. She explains that when it comes to infants, there is a “very wide range of normal and every baby is unique.” For a baby to start sleeping through the night is dependent on a number of factors. They include why the baby is waking up now, sleep habits and rituals, sleep plans, and your baby’s own biology. She encourages parents to try different methods to help their baby sleep through the night, but also instructs parents to let their baby lead the way. Don’t have expectations for your baby, as every baby is born with different sleep patterns.

Why won’t my baby fall asleep?

Is your baby really tired but just won’t fall asleep? Kim West, author of 52 Sleep Secrets for Babies, shares these four most common reasons why your baby is having difficulty sleeping.
1. Too late of a bedtime
2. Nap deprivation
3. Don’t have the skill yet to put themselves to sleep
4. Underlying medical conditions
Many of these concerns can be resolved by creating a sleep plan for your baby. It is also good to talk with your baby’s pediatrician about your concern as they can check to make sure there are no health issues causing this problem.

Is it safe to co-sleep with my baby?

Many experts agree that co-sleeping is safe as long as precautions are taken. James McKenna, author of Sleeping With Your Baby, explains there are simple steps every parent should take before bedsharing with their baby. If other siblings come in the bed, make sure they know not to cuddle with the baby. Also, do not use heavy blankets or duvets. He also encourages parents to inspect places where the baby may fall, like between the headboard and the mattress or between two mattresses if  you are using a double mattress. 

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Do you have questions you want to ask our experts?

Join our #KITHangout “SURVIVING THE FIRST YEAR: How To Get My Baby To Sleep” on Thursday, April 16th at 12:30pm PT! It's a Google Hangout hosted by Kids In The House with experts Elizabeth Pantley, Kim West and Heather Turgeon who will be answering your questions live. Start tweeting your questions with the hashtag #KITHangout!

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