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Having twins can be exciting until you realize it's double the diapers, double the tantrums, and eventually double the college tuitions. However, having twins and multiples of any kind can be a great blessing to your family and is manageable as you work to prioritize and organize your life. Kids In The House interviewed twin and multiples experts to help you survive raising multiples.

Gina Osher, also known as The Twin Coach, explains that pregnant mothers of twins need to remain calm. She says that many times mothers go into a state of panic and start doing tons of research about the high-risk nature of twin pregnancies. Osher says that while this is definitely true, it is not always the case. “You will not always have a C-section, you will not always wind up in bed rest, and you will not always have premature babies,” explains Osher. She encourages moms to find a doctor and/or doula they are comfortable working with to ensure a safeer and less stressful pregnancy.

Once the babies are born, many mothers start to worry about breastfeeding. While this is a common concern for most mothers, it mothers of twins can feel especially apprehensive about their ability to feed two babies. However, lactation specialist Wendy Haldeman explains, “Nature gave women two breasts in case we had multiples.” Haldeman says it takes some time learning and may be a little tricky at the beginning but it can be done. “We really encourage moms to learn how to what we call tandem nurse so that they sort of football the babies and they're on the breasts at the same time,” says Haldeman.

As your multiples start to grow, it’s important to foster their individuality and make time for each one of them. Julie Gillespie, author and mother of triplets, explains that this can be hard but is extremely important for their development. "The love you give them is internalized,” says Julie. “It's really important to make that a priority." Psychologist and twin specialist Dr. Joan Friedman encourages parents to get or borrow a single stroller. “It is really wonderful to go out with one baby and really nurture the connection, which is very hard to do in the presence of the other baby,” explains Dr. Friedman. Her most important advice to parents is, “Remember, twins are two babies that happen to be born at the same time.”

Do you still have questions about raising multiples? Join us tomorrow for “TWIN TALK: Multiple Answers to Your Multiples Questions,” at 1:30pm PST. Kids In The House is hosting a live Q&A discussion with Gina Osher and Dr. Joan Friedman. Click here to RSVP and ask your questions!

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