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Nicole Johnson is a married mother of two wonderful boys and owner of The Baby Sleep Site. When her eldest son was born, he had a lot of sleep problems – he would wake every one or two hours, all night long! She got busy and thoroughly researched literature and scientific reports until she became an expert in sleep methods, scheduling routines, baby developmental needs, and more. She overcame her son’s sleeping issues in a way that matched her own parenting style, and knew it was her mission to help other tired parents “find their child’s sleep”. If you have your own sleep issues, Nicole and her team at The Baby Sleep Site® can help! Just think of them as a virtual extension of “your village.” Their services include sleep coaching solutions that are built around your needs, your parenting style, and your child’s temperament along with many complementary services from e-books, articles and blog,. They help you where you are: E-mail, phone, Skype, online chat — you choose; they’re there. The Baby Sleep Site® has worked with more moms than anyone else out there. With 500,000 newsletter recipients, over 80,000 moms look for our expertise on Facebook, and over 30,000 in the Sleep Helpdesk. They welcome new faces to their village each and every day!

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