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Hi there I'm Heidi, mother of two, professional baby sleep consultant, certified breastfeeding counselor, award-wining author and founder of

I'm a fellow mother, researched and trained into sleep consultant and passionate about helping you with the right baby sleep advice.

I enjoy talking and advising about sleep and babies more than about myself, but here's just a bit, so you know who's talking ...

About me and sleep

Long before I started researching the science of sleep, for as long as I can remember, I've had a fascination for sleep.

As a little girl of course I was curious about dreams. How come I had a dream about that, does it mean something?

Then later why do we dream at all? Then how do we sleep? Can I observe my own sleep patterns? Why do we sleep? ...Me and baby in sling

I was so intrigued by this thing called sleep, even more when I learned that not all is known and understood.

Reading along in books and articles, I discovered many things that are known.

But I also found out that simple questions like why do we sleep? do not have a definitive answer.

About me and babies

Growing up I studied physics, but always kept my interest in sleep. My PhD degree allowed me to keep current with sleep research from a scientific point of view.

Then I had kids. And two lovely ones too ... 

We started out as so many new parents I guess: not knowing what Me and my baby girl sleeping to expect and often unsure of how to do things right. But with an immense love for this little wonder called baby.

From the first night as a parent, you start valuing sleep quite a bit more than you used to.

And you realize how sleep, baby's and yours, can rule your life ...

It would be nice to be able to say so, but no, my knowledge about sleep has not magically turned my babies into ideal sleepers.

But along the way I did use a lot of that theory, and combined it with valuable ideas from my own mom, friend-moms and my instincts.

I always noted things down in little notebooks and diaries and that become my little box of sleep tricks. I would often turn to it when a friend had a sleeping issue with their babies too.

In the past few years, I've been volunteering as a certified breastfeeding counselor. More often than not, sleep is an important part of the advice I end up giving along with the breastfeeding help.

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