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The Red Carpet Report features Kids in the House with a well deserved spotlight on Geena Davis and her serieris of videos filmed with

How Watching Media for Hours on End Affects Expectations of Reality – Watch Geena Davis’s Fifteenth and Final Video Collaboration with Parenting Site “Kids in the House”

Kids in the House

Academy Award winning actor and all around Renaissance woman Geena Davis is taking on a new role with her recently released video series with Kids in the House!

The proud mother of three has released a total of 15 videos, which will be showcased on the Red Carpet Report daily. The videos cover a range of insights from Ms. Davis, including ideas on parenting tips to navigating the entertainment industry at large.

In the fifteenth and final video below, Ms. Davis speaks about the amount of media consumed by children today, which can be up to 10 hours a day.

Regarding the imbalance of men and women portrayed onscreen, Ms. Davis says, “[If] you change the balance, [children] will grow up to expecting to see a world that’s equally shared by men and women.” Check out further insights from Ms. Davis below, and share your own thoughts on imbalanced gender portrayals below.

About Geena Davis

Geena Davis is an Academy Award winning actor and starred in such popular films as BeetlejuiceThelma & Louise, and A League of Their Own.  In addition to her busy family life, Ms. Davis is a member of Mensa and enjoys archery, and even qualified for Olympic trials. She is also the founder of the non-profit Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which engages film and television creators to dramatically increase the percentages of female characters – and reduce gender stereotyping – in media made for children 11 and under.

“Whether the target audience is male or female, there should be women in there doing interesting things, having leadership positions and being a part of the world that’s created.” –Geena Davis, on her collaboration with Kids in the House.

For more information about the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media, click below.

From Kids in the House

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