Night weaning tips

Night weaning tips
Night weaning tips | Kids in the House
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Night weaning tips

Night weaning can be a difficult process. Most mothers don't want to make their child sad. And most children don't want to stop nursing at night. Here's a 4-step process to help with your night weaning. Step 1: process your own grief and guilt. You have sadness that this chapter is coming to a close. You have guilt at making your child sad. Process that first. Step 2: tell your child about the change. You know, actually night time is for sleeping and daytime is for eating and your body is ready to do this. Even if your child isn't speaking yet, you're going to tell them this information. Step 3: you're going to prepare for the night weaning. You've got water by the bed. Your belly is full. If your husband is facilitating it, he's ready to comfort the baby without walking. You don't want to have to wean from walking later. And if you're facilitating the night weaning, you're wearing a shirt with no access. And you're prepared to weather the storm. Step 4: operation night wean. And you're going to follow through, giving comfort, giving love, but no more nursing at night.


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