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Treating Autism with Chinese medicine

The way Chinese medicine approaches the treatment of Autism includes using acupuncture to bring about a reduction in the inflammatory process. Since we believe that Autism is due to inflammation in the brain. That inflammation is brought on by the immune system reacting to whatever it might be. It could be a bacteria, vaccine, virus, or allergens. So anything that riles up the immune system is going to create the potential of targeting the brain cells. Acupuncture reduces the inflammatory process by regulating the immune system, modulate, and get it to calm down. Then optimize the neurochemicals that are responsible for the synapsis of the brain cells to work properly. Working in conjunction with an occupational therapists and special therapists that work with Autistic children. That's very important because you have to reinforce this process. Let's say, you work on reducing inflammation, but you don't reinforce it with learning and behavioral therapy and all the things they do; you are not taking advantage in the healing process. Herbal therapy, herbs and nutrition, reduce inflammation. Things like Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil, flaxseed oil are very useful. Specific things that are designed to optimize brain function, reduce inflammation; all of which can be tailored to fit the child. An emphasis on treating each child differently because each child is different.

Mao Shing Ni, PhD Doctor of Chinese Medicine, shares advice for parents with an autistic child on the Chinese medicine approach to the treatment of Autism


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Mao Shing Ni, LAc, DOM, PhD

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, also known as Dr. Mao, is a bestselling author, doctor of Chinese Medicine and an authority on integrative nutrition.  He practices with his associates at the Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica and Newport Beach, California, specializing in family medicine, women’s health and pediatrics. Dr. Mao is the co-founder of Yo San University in Los Angeles where he trains healthcare professionals in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  He is a highly sought after speaker and has been featured in numerous media including the NY Times, Dr. Oz, The Doctors and PBS radio.  Dr. Mao writes as a Health Expert on Yahoo and Huffington Post.  For more information on his best-seller, Secrets of Self Healing, log onto

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