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How to Become a Foster Parent

Jan 02, 2017

Being a foster parent can be one of the most rewarding jobs a parent can take on. People may have their own personal reasons for becoming a foster parent, or they may simply want to help children who come from unstable homes to grow into successful adults. It can be difficult for people to know what the proper course of action is when they are looking at becoming eligible to foster. To find this information, it actually takes very little digging, a suitable home, a positive attitude, and a big heart. Once you have these things in place, the rest is really quite simple.

Signing Up For Fostering

Signing up to be a foster parent isn't as difficult as people assume. Of course, there is a protocol to follow, but it isn't as demanding as it appears. As Teen Project Founder and author Lauri Burns describes that potential foster parents take classes, which may include conflict resolution, parenting, and parenting children with emotional issues or disabilities. In addition, the children and family organization will interview prospective foster parents and gather information about their pasts, their ideals, and their intentions when pursuing fostering. Burns also mentions that there may be a home visit in order to ensure that your home is suitable for the needs of the children a parent may foster. This process is extremely effortless in comparison to adopting, as adoption can have long wait lists and high costs.

Finding Fostering Matches

Once you have successfully satisfied all of the criteria needed to become a foster parent, you will meet with the organization that you are signing up with. Founder of Foster Care Counts Jeanne K Pritzker states that the organization will match a child with your family based on the household siblings, your characteristics, your residence and it's accessibility, as well as your temperament. An agency will work with you to find the best match of foster child and parent. This way, you're prepared for receiving a child into your home that your family can adequately accommodate and help to thrive.

Overcoming Obstacles

Although, foster parents have the best of intentions, there are obstacles that parents will encounter once they become foster parents. Perhaps, you haven't found a foster child that is a match for your family and home. Some foster parents, as Burns notes, encounter difficulty with a child who may not feel comfortable in your home. She also reminds future foster parents that some children will avoid getting attached due to the temporary nature of foster care and others have emotional issues and a fear of abandonment.

Becoming a foster parent can be a frustrating at times, but is ultimately one of the most rewarding things that parents can do for children who need a stable home and healthy guidance. Fostering allows parents to make a huge impact on children’s lives while experiencing a scenario that can help them to decide if adoption is a route they would like to explore for the growth of their family. It is not entirely without its stumbling blocks, but becoming a foster parent is a process worth looking into for those who cannot have children or would like to help out children who are not being given the chance to succeed and may currently be living in hostile or neglectful homes.


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Becoming a foster parent can be really rewarding but really hard at the same time.

I was a foster kid and got really lucky with some great foster parents. They were so amazing and understanding and completely changed my life.

I feel like being a foster parent while extremely difficult, would offer a lot of opportunities to help you learn and help others who are in need.

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