Meet Kari Miller, PhD, BCET

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Meet Kari Miller, PhD, BCET

Hi, I am Dr. Kari Miller. I am an Educational Therapist and I am the Director of Miller Educational Excellence here in Los Angeles California. I work with kids who have special learning needs such as Autism learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. I like to think that my main contribution to their life is to help them believe in themselves again. At least I hope that's my main contribution to them because I struggle so strongly believe that is what we believe about ourselves that creates our own reality for us. I have been married for about 29 years now to the most amazing man, his named is Joel. He is a teacher here in Los Angeles and an artist and i have a wonderful daughter her name is Sherry and two great grand children named Rachel and Shawn. They live in Albuquerque New Mexico. In my free time what little I have of it, I like to lift weights and walk and do cryptic crossword puzzles and I am also the host of the blog talk radio show called Special kids school talk and I hope you all listen in.
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See Kari Miller, PhD, BCET's video on Meet Kari Miller, PhD, BCET...


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Kari Miller, PhD, BCET

Educational Specialist

Dr. Kari Miller, PhD, BCET is a board certified educational therapist and director of Miller Educational Excellence, an educational therapy center in Los Angeles, CA.  She educates students who have complicated learning needs due to issues such as attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities and autism.  She is the host of the popular Blogtalk radio show, Special Kid School Talk, which helps parents raise their special needs children to be academically successful.

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