A message to struggling young girls

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A message to struggling young girls

I know that I'm a role model to this generation. I know a lot of them look to me and I think that's a big reason why I wrote my story down. I really wanted to share with them the things I've been through. I can relate to so many things that teenagers go through today. Looking back, if I could've told myself one thing--if I could've changed one thing about myself as a teenager--I would have said to my younger self, "Love yourself." I think so many teenagers that are struggling today are hearing messages of rejection and abandonment and the bullying, and they're believing so many lies about themselves. So I think today I would tell them to "love yourself and to be kind to yourself."

View Pattie Mallette's video on A message to struggling young girls...


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Pattie Mallette

New York Times Best Selling Author, Award Winning Film Producer, & Inspirational Speaker

Pattie Mallette grew up in Stratford, Ontario overcoming unimaginable obstacles in the face of abuse, poverty and an unexpected teen pregnancy. She now uses her voice to inspire others as a bestselling author, producer and influential speaker. In 2012, Pattie published her memoir, Nowhere But Up (Revell), which became a New York Times bestseller within the first week of its release. As an executive producer she worked on “Crescendo,” a short film that received 11 international film festival honors prior to its premier in February 2013. Proceeds of “Crescendo” are being used to support crisis pregnancy centers worldwide, a passion of Pattie’s that grew from her own experience. As a single parent at 18, Pattie was personally assisted by a center, which despite her difficult circumstances enabled her to be the best mother possible to her son, Justin. Continuing her desire to help others give voice to their own stories, Pattie became an executive producer of “Day One,” starring Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls). Set to release in winter 2013, the feature film is inspired by the true story behind the global movement To Write Love on Her Arms.

Pattie recently launched her foundation called Round 2, which seeks to offer a second chance to those who have been knocked down by providing assistance and resources to those in distress. Across all platforms, her authenticity and candidness are magnetic to adolescents and adults alike as she fearlessly brings to light her own wounds and addresses sensitive issues with wisdom and insight.

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