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Parenting Articles

How Can I Build Self-Esteem in My Child?

Aug 01, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Psychologist and author Lee Hausner explains that there are two main components of a child’s self esteem – unconditional love and a feeling of competence. Knowing they are loved and valued no matter what happens is the most basic building block a child must have for developing a healthy self-esteem...
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Six Tips to Manage Parental Stress

Jul 23, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Even the most patient, loving parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. What should you do to find balance when it feels like you are almost at the end of your rope? Here are six tips to help you manage parental stress. Go easy on yourself . Remember that stress is inevitable...
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happy child

Tips to Raise a Happy Child

Jul 18, 2014
By: Kids in the House
How can I make sure that my child grows up to be a happy person? Happiness is not just a feeling but it is a learned skill. Here are a few tips on teaching your child to be happy . Psychologist and author David Palmiter says to consider gratitude. It’s hard to be happy when you can’t appreciate the...
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How Can I Stop Yelling at My Kid

Jun 26, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Do you sometimes resort to yelling at your kids to get them to behave? If so, you probably feel guilty afterward and know that this isn’t a very effective way to communicate. It’s one thing to know that you shouldn’t yell, but stopping yourself from getting frustrated to the point of yelling is...
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Is That Me Yelling?

Apr 02, 2014
By: Rona Renner & Rona Renner, RN
Parents, you are not alone! If you find yourself getting angry and yelling at your kids most days, it’s time to understand more about why you yell and what to do about it. Maybe you were raised by a yeller, and you can’t seem to kick the habit of letting your feelings spill out and land on your...
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Growing Calm: A mother reflects on cancer, parenting, and finding peace

Jan 09, 2014
By: Francesca Kaplan Grossman
I am really good at growing things. When I was sixteen, I found a small round marble under my right nipple. When I was twenty-two, I was brave enough to have it removed. When I was twenty-three I found out I had been growing all of this extra inflamed tissue in my stomach, rendering me essentially...
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You Take Care of your Children... Who Takes Care of YOU?

Dec 02, 2013
By: Kim DeMarchi, MEd, CPE
We are back to school, sports, homework, games, lessons, carpooling, and the list goes on and on. With all of those things on the calendar, often stress follows. Why is it that my child can spill a glass of milk one day and I lose my temper, and on another day when that same child spills that same...
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Jewel Spreads Her Wings

Aug 01, 2013
By: Ulrica Wihlborg
This Article was re-published with permission from This was an exclusive interview done with Jewel for Ulrica Wihlborg's SwedenWithLove Last month, singer Jewel walked the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards without missing a beat. Wearing a tight-fitting mermaid...
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My Child Has Achieved More Than Your Child

Jul 18, 2013
By: Robert Brooks, PhD
Several weeks ago I was drawn to a piece written by Beth Teitell in The Boston Globe titled "Parents get competitive on college." When I finished reading the article I thought that perhaps a more fitting title might be: "My child has achieved more than your child" or "Boasting parents, an...
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