Media misrepresentation of parenting research

Watch Video: Media misrepresentation of parenting research by Polly Palumbo, PhD, ...
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Media misrepresentation of parenting research

The media routinely make several errors in interpreting childrens research. The first thing is they confused causation with correlation. Studies shows a link between coffee and miscarriages, it gets translated into coffee causes miscarriages, or TV causes ADHD, or not breast feeding causes ear infections. In reality, research can’t be sure that that is in fact true. Another thing that the media routinely does is inflating importance of any given study, this happens because they often talk about studies in isolation; a new study will come out and they will feature that study and and they won’t talk about it in context but previous research and also do not talk about studies limitation or weaknesses, so it seems that the finding is very important when in fact not.
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Watch Video: Media misrepresentation of parenting research by Polly Palumbo, PhD, ...


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Polly Palumbo, PhD


Polly Palumbo, PhD, is a former research psychologist and founder of Momma Data, a non-profit organization that tracks the parenting media and checks on the scientific evidence behind claims about children’s health and well-being. As a research consultant, she reviews and decodes studies for parents, educators, journalists and organizations. In the past she’s conducted and collaborated on numerous research projects in psychology, health and education across academia, government and the private sector and has co-authored articles in leading academic journals and texts.  As an outspoken critic of the parenting media, the only thing she enjoys better than reading a great study is debunking a bad one on her Momma Data blog. It’s her mission to flush out misinformation in the media and coach parents how to judge news and evidence about kids.      

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