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Elf on Shelf

Dec 02, 2015
Day 1: Jimmy the Elf is back! This year our very own Elf on the Shelf came back, and he made a grand entrance at the Greene family home. Teal was so excited to see Jimmy. Can't wait to see what he gets into tomorrow...Stay tuned! Day 2: Today we caught Jimmy chilling (no pun intended) making snow...
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LIFE QUESTIONS 101: Guiding Your Child Through Their Spiritual Journey

Jan 20, 2015
By: Kids In The House
What is my purpose? What happens after death? Kids In The House will be hosting a Google Hangout "LIFE QUESTIONS 101: Guiding Your Child Through Their Spiritual Journey" on January 27th at 1:30pm PST to help parents answer these important questions. Experts will be ready to answer your...
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How To Teach Kids Manners

Jul 18, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Manners are an important part of the way human beings interact with one another. There are a myriad of things that one should teach their children in regards to proper etiquette. Positive social interactions depend on whether or not children have good manners, and every parent will have to address...
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Raising A Child To Be Spiritual

Jul 02, 2014
By: Kids in the House
At some point in their lives, most children start to become curious religion, spirituality, life and death. Questions will come up about where human beings go when they die, and eventually move further into subjects such as the existence of a higher power. Quite often, parents are comfortable in...
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