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Tips For Building a Strong Bond With Your Baby

Aug 19, 2014

Building a strong bond with your baby depends a lot on what doctors call the attachment theory.  Psychotherapist Julie Write says the attachment theory explains why babies who feel safe around their parents and feel emotionally connected to them are developing into more secure and confident people. This is because they know there are people who love and support them so they are more willing to explore the world and go out of their comfort zones.

Here are some tips that can help you build a strong bond with your newborn baby.

  1. Get to know your baby and try to understand them. Yes, even though they are small, they are still a person. Learn from the start to respect their choices and to support them.
  2. Pay attention to their eating and sleeping needs. When you don’t fulfill your baby’s most basic needs, it is hard to move on to anything more complex.
  3. Don’t act perfect because you’re not. You’re the same person as you ever were, except you’re a parent now. Don’t be afraid to show your personality to your child, it can only lead to a stronger bond.
  4. Create father-bonding time. The mother doesn’t have to be the person spending time with the baby. Psychologist Chen Oren explains fathers can also fulfill all of their needs if he’s ready to learn and adapt. There are some great single fathers with very happy children.

It is normal that one parent spends more time with the baby than the other and because of that the baby becomes more attached to one parent. Therapist Aimee Wheeler explains there are ways to help your significant other to interact with a baby in their own way without telling them what to do.

  1. Trust your partner that he or she is able to connect with your baby. The speed may vary from yours and that’s no problem at all.
  2. Encourage them to spend some time together, maybe even alone. The baby will quickly get used to another loving figure in their life.
  3. Recommend physical contact, which can also help with bonding.
  4. Remember that it doesn’t have to be by your rules. Every parent has his or her own methods. Let your partner find their way of interacting and connecting with the baby.
  5. Work as a team, not against each other. Don’t turn your baby against their other parent just so you can have all of your baby’s attention.


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