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Green Baby Care

Clean, eco-friendly and organic.

MD and Founder of, Alan Greene, gives some insight on how to go green with your baby. Parents need to focus on the three ways chemicals get into all of us: the mouth, nose, and skin. One of the most important investments would be to opt for an organic or clean mattress. Conventional crib mattresses are made with poor materials that are seeped with chemicals your baby will breathe in. Remember they spend almost half of their day in the crib! For their mouths, breastfeeding is the best. When buying products for their skin, pay attention to ingredients that will ultimately be absorbed into your baby’s skin.


- For green baby care, I would focus on the same three ways that chemicals get into all of us, is through our mouth, through our nose, and through the skin. When it comes to the nose, for babies, the one green purchase I would make is a green mattress for the babies. Because conventional crib mattresses are often made from, like, a polyurethane foam, a solid petroleum, and they have to have flame retardants ... Read more

Pediatrician Alan Greene, MD, shares his top tips on how to have a "green" childbirth, and why it is important to plan your childbirth out with a birth plan
Alan Greene, MD, shares advice for women on how to have a green pregnancy in order to protect their baby from many harmful chemicals
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