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Top Tips for creating the perfect Nursery

Join Photographer & Editor Ulrica Wihlborg as she breaks down how to design the perfect nursery for your baby. When you’re planning and decorating your first nursery, keep major colors—the walls, cribs, and dressers—neutral, like white or cream. Use colors as accent colors. So if you have a daughter, adorn items like pillows and crib sheets with brighter colors like pink or lilac. This way if a baby boy comes along, you’ll only be changing the accent colors!


- When you decorate a nursery, a great thing to think about is, think about the future. Is another child gonna come into it? What do you want to do in terms of color? What if you have a girl first and then a boy second? So, in terms of the big colors, the walls, the crib, the dressers, choose a neutral color. Choose white, choose creams and use color, other colors, as accent colors. So if you have a daughter first, you can paint the walls cream, have a cream crib, have a cream dresser, but then use a little pink and lilac accents for the pillows, and for the crib ... Read more

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