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How to pick the right stroller?

Dive into the world of baby strollers with Authors Linda Meadow and Jane Buckingham, along with Fitness Specialist Farrah Zweig. The most important things to consider when choosing a stroller is what it’ll be used for and how practical it will be. When you first have a child, you want something easy. Most of the fancy and beautiful strollers you probably admire are typically a pain to deal with. They are complicated and not easy to open and shut or fold away into your car. You want something you can single-handedly maneuver and put away while you have your baby in your arms, so keep it simple.


- Picking a stroller is really one of the things where you have to sit down and figure out, what am I gonna use this stroller for? Which is, maybe you don't even know when it's a newborn, but if you don't have sidewalks outside of your house or you live on a hill, or you're always gonna be going with the baby somewhere because you don't live in a neighborhood, then buying one of those beautiful, fancy strollers that everyone, you ... Read more

Jane Buckingham, Author and Trend Forecaster, shares advice for parents on how to choose the right stroller for you and your newborn baby's needs
Watch Farrah Zweig's video on Do I need a jogging stroller to exercise with my baby?...
Linda Meadow, Mom and Author, shares advice for parents on how to find and purchase the right stroller for you and your baby's needs

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