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Croup and Coughs

Everything you need to know about Croup.

Anytime your child becomes ill, it can be terrifying. Respiratory illnesses are especially worrisome and are known to pack some of the most alarming symptoms. If your child has ever been diagnosed with croup, you know just how unsettling those symptoms can be. Learn the warning signs and symptoms of croup, as well as vital information on who is at risk, treatment, and prevention of croup from top experts Dr. Nina Shapiro, MD, Dr. James Varga, MD, and Dr. Jay Gordon, MD.

What is croup?

Croup is a respiratory infection of the voice box and windpipe, causing inflammation and mucus that narrows the airways. This swelling makes for a loud, barking cough similar to that of a seal– the telltale sign that your child’s cough is croup and not another illness. Inflammation from a croup infection may also cause stridor, which is a raspy, abnormal sound that occurs when a person with blockage in the windpipe or voice box breathes in. Croup usually presents with cold or flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, fever, difficulty breathing, and ... Read more

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