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Fever and Viruses

When Should you use Fever Reduction medication

Join Dr. Tanya Altmann as she reviews fevers amongst babies and when is a good time to introduce fever reduction medication. If your child is over three months old and experiencing a fever, normally you can let the fever run its course. But if your child is absolutely miserable, not sleeping well, and not keeping down fluids to stay hydrated, this could be cause for treatment, such as an appropriate dose of acetaminophen or, if your child is over six months old, ibuprofen.


- Not all fevers need to be treated with medication. A fever is not a disease, it's just a symptom of an illness. So, as long as your baby is over three months of age, and they're acting okay, and they're drinking fluids, you can let the fever run its course. Now, if the fever is making your child miserable, if they're not drinking fluids, if they're achy and uncomfortable, or they're not sleeping well, then that's a reason to treat their fever. You can treat the fever with an appropriate dose of acetaminophen, or, if your infant is over six months of ... Read more

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