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Attachment Parenting

What is attachment parenting?

Attachment parenting is a parenting style that believes a child’s need for attention and closeness to their parents must be completely fulfilled in the first six years of life in order to keep it from becoming a disruptive preoccupation. In other words, if a child is given attention freely from the start, they will not spend time seeking it out. Parents who form a strong bond with their children in their earliest years set a foundation for independence, because a child who trusts in their parental attachment will feel safe enough to branch out on their own.
“If a child is deeper attached through sameness, through significance, through a sense of belonging, of loyalty, emotionally through intimacy, or feels known, they have many ways of holding on when physically apart,” says Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a renowned developmental psychologist and author. The term “attachment” in this instance means an intimate bond, fostered through physical, emotional, and psychological closeness. Attachment parenting operates on a six stage framework, where ... Read more

Therapist and author Susan Stiffelman walks us through the six stages a child moves through on their journey of attachment with a parent
Author and psychologist, Dr. Jeanne Segal, reviews the attachment bond that forms between a baby and the primary caretaker.
Therapist Julie Wright, MFT explains how fostering a secure attachment with your child is about "being" rather than "doing" through the attachment parenting theory.
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