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Baby Sign Language

What is baby sign language?

Communication is the key to cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development in children. Before your baby develops the ability to communicate verbally, their primary way to communicate with you is crying. Baby Sign Language is a way of giving your infant or toddler the ability to express their emotions and needs via gestures. To understand the benefits of Baby Sign and begin learning how to incorporate sign into your baby’s life, Kids in the House has compiled advice from leading speech pathologists and baby sign language experts.


When to start teaching baby sign language?

Baby Sign Language instructor, Heather Ellington, believes it is never too late to teach your child to sign. “You can start signing any time. Sign language is a really good way to bridge the gap between spoken language and literacy development. So when you start reading books to your baby, you can start signing all of the different book signs like bear or helicopter or airplane,” says Ellington.
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