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Pressure to Breastfeed

Judgment for not breastfeeding

Join Author & Blogger Jill Smokler, Parent Educator Sarah McCormick, Mom Annie Wilcox, and Bottle Up Author, Suzanne Barston as they discuss the negative judgments that can arise from not breastfeeding, and how important it is to support these hard-working mothers. There is often a lot of pressure to breastfeed, but not all mothers feel comfortable and not all babies are good at it, which can be a challenge. Instead of placing unnecessary judgment on these hard-working moms, people should respect their decision to not breastfeed.


- I think, not breastfeeding my own children was the source of the most judgment from mothers of all ages, and friends of mine, and family members of mine. I really wanted to breast feed, I couldn't, it didn't matter that I wanted to, it didn't matter that I couldn't. I shouldn't have received that judgment from anybody. I had friends threaten to breastfeed my own children because they weren't getting breast milk from me. It was horrifying and it made me feel awful, it made me feel like a ... Read more

Author and blogger Jill Smokler gives advice for moms who fear that they are being judged for not breastfeeding their kids and shares her personal experience on the... read more
Suzanne Barston
What is this thing we refer to as “formula feeding guilt”? Is the very fact that we feel it evidence that we should feel guilty, as some believe? read more
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Kids in the House
The decision to breastfeed is an important one that every mother has to make.  Advocates for breastfeeding proudly shout the mantra “breast milk is the best... read more
Jill Smokler, Author & Owner of Scary Mommy, shares her experience of struggling to breast feed her children.
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Psychologist Polly Palumbo, PhD, shares advice for parents on the reality of breastfeeding benefits and how other factors may influence studies on the benefits of... read more
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Psychologist Polly Palumbo, PhD, shares tips for parents on the importance of understanding relative risk in parenting media studies and reports
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