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Types of Formula

Everything you need to know about formula

Author of Bottle Up, Suzanne Barston, reviews the varying times of formulas on the market and which types to turn to depending on your baby’s needs. While all formulas will feed and nourish your child, babies often have different needs. If you’re baby is sensitive, they may fare better by using partially hydrolyzed formula, which is easier for babies to digest. The different formula types include powder, which is very common and is mixed with water, ready-to-feed formula, and concentrated formula.


- Most people think there are no differences between formulas, and all formulas are alike, and this is simply not true. Here's the thing. All formulas are going to feed your child and nourish your child just fine, and they all have to adhere to certain standards set forth by the International Formula Council and the FDA. But the thing is, they do differ. And as any sensitive baby can attest, some babies do great on one brand and not the other, even with the normal formula. I'm not even talking about sensitive versus soy. So ... Read more

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