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Breastfeeding Articles

Breastfeeding Diet Plan

Jul 25, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Having a healthy diet while a mother is breastfeeding is extremely important for the baby’s health. The mother’s diet during breastfeeding should be regulated and maintained for the comfort of the baby, because a mother who is ingesting certain foods can pass those on to her newborn. According to...
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Overcoming Breastfeeding Problems

Jun 16, 2014
By: Ashleigh W.
The first and most important decision a mother will make for her newborn is the decision to breastfeed. The benefits of breastfeeding are very difficult to ignore; a newborn baby gets every single nutrient it needs from its mother's milk. Breastfeeding also boosts a newborn's immune system...
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How To Pump At Work

Aug 23, 2013
By: Shraddha Patel
Tips on How To Pump At Work: 1 . If you haven’t already gotten a pump then you’ll need to invest in one. There are lots of options but in my opinion, try to get the best electric pump you can afford. These pumps are the fastest, most efficient and most effective. It seems like a lot to sink into...
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