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Breastfeeding Diet Videos

Pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD, shares advice for breastfeeding mothers on which foods to avoid when breastfeeding if your baby is having discomfort or gas after feeding
Pediatrician Jay Gordon explains what colic is, how long bouts of crying can last, and what parents need to understand about its causes and symptoms. What parents can do... read more
Juli Schneiderman shares her experience identifying possible sensitivities to food while breastfeeding her children.
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Having a healthy diet while a mother is b
Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, shares advice for breastfeeding mothers on the best supplements to increase the quality and quantity of your breastmilk
Pediatrician Jay Gordon explains the best way to prevent food allergies.
Juli Schneiderman shares advice on dealing with a child's food intolerance while breastfeeding.
Juli Schneiderman shares advice on speaking to your pediatrician about possible food intolerances.
Wendy Haldeman, Lactation Specialist, shares tips on how to help a gassy baby.
Lactation Specialist Wendy Haldeman, IBCLC, shares advice for mothers on if and when it is safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding your baby
Suzanne Barston, Blogger & Author of "Bottled Up", shares advice for parents on how to tell if your newborn child has an allergy to breast milk
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