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What Is Weaning?

Around the age of six months, some infants may show an increasing need for nutrients and energy, besides breast milk. Weaning occurs as an infant’s diet switches from mostly breast milk or formula to other foods and liquids. Parents may decide to wean their children by intertwining solid foods into their baby’s diet. The decision to wean your baby is personal one, based on you and your baby’s needs. No strict time frame dictates how long mothers should breastfeed for. Again, weaning happens gradually and when it is convenient for the mother and baby.

When Should You Stop Breastfeeding?

The age of weaning is different can be different for everyone. Experts in the field have shared a wide range of research about the right time to wean. Today, most sources indicate the average age of weaning worldwide is over 2 years. The World Health Organization states that babies should be exclusively breastfed for at least six months and ... Read more

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