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Baby Milestones

First Milestones

Join Pediatrician Lawrence Kagan as he discusses your child’s first milestones in life, and how we can typically make good generalizations about what they should be achieving in their first year. Keep in mind that babies are individuals who will develop at their own pace, so if they fall behind one one milestone, there’s nothing wrong with intervening early to get them some help. Pediatricians look at how they are developing globally, which means: social interaction, speech development, fine motor, and gross motor skills.


- We can make some very good generalizations about what children should do, what developmental milestones they should achieve in the first year. But every baby is an individual. Children are gonna develop at their own pace. So as pediatricians, what we really look for is how they're doing globally. So we look at four different categories. We look at social interaction, speech development, fine motor and gross motor skills. At a year of age, we expect a child to know one to three words that are ... Read more

Join Speech-Language Pathologist Barbara Schacter and Pediatrician Jay Gordon as they review some important speech milestones in your baby’s life
Speech-Language Pathologist Barbara Schacter discusses some major communication milestones in your child’s first year of life.
Pediatrician Jay Gordon reviews the huge transition point that occurs at your baby’s one year mark.
Pediatrician Jay Gordon walks us through the new milestones that come with your baby’s first nine months of life.
Pediatrician Jay Gordon discusses the myriad of milestones your baby will reach at six months of age.
Four month milestones is Pediatrician Jay Gordon’s favorite
Pediatrician Jay Gordon reviews what you can expect your baby to achieve at their two month milestone
Pediatrician Jay Gordon discusses what kind of developmental milestones parents can expect at two weeks.
First year of baby's development.
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