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Working Across America: Helping Families in Need

Jul 10, 2014

Kids in the House has partnered with Gregg Murset and for the Working Across America Tour. Murset, a Kids in the House expert, is taking his family across the United States and doing chores for families in need. As of July 10th, they have driven 2,840 miles, visited 13 cities and completed 181 chores.

On July 8th, Murset and his family arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona to help the family of a seven-year-old boy with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Parker Shanton has been battling the cancer for more than three years.

As you can imagine, Parker’s family have been so busy with hospital visits, medical situations and related events that they have hardly had the time to keep up with their chores around the house. Murset, his wife and their six kids cleaned windows, shutters and swept out and washed the garage. Parker’s father said “It was a great help for our family… It was nice to have help with jobs that usually get put off.”

The Working Across America tour is an extension of Murset’s website,, a tool for kids to manage their time and the money they earn working or doing chores. To stay up-to-date with the Murset family and the Working Across America tour, visit


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I love MyJobChart! This looks like such a fun family adventure!

I don't know if my kids could handle this kid of trip... but it looks like it is going well! Props to this dad for teaching his kids well!

I can barely get my kids to do their own chores nevermind someone elses!

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