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Dog Behavior expert Linn Boyke helps make introductions between your little one and his or her’s soon-to-be furry friend
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- The day the baby comes home is obviously an important day. The baby is coming home. We can then bring the baby in. It's really important that the dog has been fully exercised. I don't mean burned out and tired because he'll wake up with a second wind. I mean fully drained of its energy. That gives everybody the chance at success. The other important part is how comfortable the mother is. The mother's bringing a baby in and if she doesn't feel comfortable, then the dog can be at that perimeter that boundary, it doesn't need to be right up, it's already smelled the baby. It's just now getting a chance to see the baby. It smelled the baby's little hat, its blanket, its diaper. Now mother's holding it. Mother does not want me to come over. I'm gonna respect that. If the dog continues, that's an opportunity for the father to just grab the dog, take it back to the boundary, and leave the dog there. If the mother is comfortable, everybody wants their dog and their child to get along, the mother can then allow the dog to come up and do the exact same thing the dog has practiced in its behavior expectation drill. Approach calmly, respectfully. Start to investigate, smelling at the feet. This time they're moving. Lick the toes, right. Then the dog can be polite and work its way around, if mother feels comfortable she can go ahead and offer the face. The dogs most likely will want to smell and lick the face. They always do that. If the mother's uncomfortable with that it's really up to her. But if the dog gets to smell and lick end it just as quickly as we did during the behavior expectation drill. Then do it again. You're gonna have the baby forever. You're gonna have the dog forever. Let's help this dog understand how to behave around the child. That's just the introduction.

Dog Behavior expert Linn Boyke helps make introductions between your little one and his or her’s soon-to-be furry friend


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Linn Boyke

Founder, ZEN4K9S Behavioral Recovery Center and Beyond the Dog

Linn Boyke began his work with dogs in 1997, after the tragic loss of his dog Ginger fueled his desire to help other dogs. He started with a dog walking business and later, began offering private lessons of training in obedience. Linn quickly found that traditional methods of training had little effect on his clients' dog behavioral issues. He wanted to provide the help they needed and began searching for answers to the concerns they had about their dogs. When he failed to find this information, Linn became very frustrated. It became clear to Linn that his emotions had a dramatic effect on the dogs, which caused their behaviors to escalate. He nearly gave up all together before finally hearing about a man people were calling the "Dog Whisperer", Cesar Millan. After spending only a few minutes with Cesar, Linn knew that he was in the right place to get the information that he sought. With Cesar's guidance and consistent invitation to be in the present moment, Cesar helped Linn to discover that he already had the answers. It clearly was not a dog issue, but a lack of communication.

In 2004, Cesar's life changed forever when National Geographic Channel picked up his show, "Dog Whisperer", that quickly caught the world's attention. Soon after, Cesar was informed that his busy schedule would not allow time to provide private consultations and rehabilitation. Cesar's "Ripple Effect" then changed Linn's life forever too. For the next three years, all calls to Cesar's Dog Psychology Center for consultations and rehabilitation were referred to Linn. Linn was extremely honored to be asked to continue teaching Cesar's philosophy.

Many lives have been changed after meeting and working with Linn. Clients have driven from all over California and from as far away as Connecticut, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, Montana, Michigan, Arkansas, and Washington to have consultations with him. Linn will always be grateful to Cesar for showing him what is possible through self-awareness. Cesar is his greatest role model. Linn has also spent time with three greats in the dog world: Martin Deeley, Mark Goldberg and Robin MacFarlane, learning their unique methods of using the remote training collar. Linn is very proud to be a professional level member of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

Although Linn was trained directly by Cesar, he has developed many ideas and techniques that he has combined to create his own philosophy. He is teaching these methods to hand-picked applicants from around the world at his School of Dog Psychology in the LA area. Linn is dedicated to educating as many people as possible to help them better understand how dogs communicate and how to provide for them.

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