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Pets and Babies

Pets and Babies. Baby Safety 101.

Dog Behavior expert Linn Boyke helps make introductions between your little one and his or her’s soon-to-be furry friend. Remember that dogs can sense your comfort or discomfort. Upon first sight of your baby, it’s natural that the dog might want to smell or lick your baby. They are investigating! Instead of feeling uncomfortable at the new liaison, help keep this potentially worrisome issue calm and cool with a few tips from an expert.


- The day the baby comes home is obviously an important day. The baby is coming home. We can then bring the baby in. It's really important that the dog has been fully exercised. I don't mean burned out and tired because he'll wake up with a second wind. I mean fully drained of its energy. That gives everybody the chance at success. The other important part is how comfortable the mother is. The mother's bringing a baby in and if she doesn't feel comfortable, then the dog can be at that perimeter that boundary, it doesn't need to be right up, it's already smelled the baby. It's just now ... Read more

Linn Boyke, a professional dog trainer, talks about preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby
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