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Behavior and Discipline Articles

Controlling Aggressive Behavior With Preschool Children

Feb 03, 2016
By: Kids in the House
As an adult, you’ve learned to walk away from uncomfortable situations, or talk through a disagreement as opposed to handling it with physical contact. However, preschool children do not know what to do with their emotions and may resort to hitting, pushing, biting or pulling hair. “It’s not that...
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Methods to Help Your Child Stop Biting

Jul 31, 2014
By: Kids in the House
It can be a shock when you find out that your child has bitten another child. You might question whether you’ve neglected to teach them something, or think you’ve done something wrong to cause them to act out in this way. The truth is that biting usually has less to do with you and more to do with...
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Tips on Dealing With Preschoolers Who Lie

Jul 25, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Has your preschooler recently started lying? Maybe she won’t fess up to drawing on the kitchen wall or makes up stories when asked about something that happened. While this behavior is usually troubling to parents, it’s actually quite normal - and there are right and wrong ways to react. So, how...
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10 Steps to Stop Your Child from Hitting

Jul 18, 2013
By: Laura Markham, PhD
"Odd as it may seem, children who hit are children who are afraid. The fears that cause trouble for a child who hits usually have their roots in some frightening experience earlier in her life, even though she may not seem frightened at all. To manage her fear, the frightened child develops...
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