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Bonding and Communication Articles

The Importance of One-on-One Time

Jul 25, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Sometimes our schedules get so hectic that it can be difficult to spend real quality time with each of our children. You may spend a lot of time together as a family, but it’s also important to do things individually with each child. Parents will likely find that things run more smoothly in the...
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How to Talk to Preschoolers in an Effective Way

Jul 24, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Good communication starts early, and the way you talk (and listen) with your child will affect the dynamic between you when they become older. Establishing good communication at an early age will lead to a more open relationship later on. To open up the lines of communication with a preschooler,...
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Mary Hartzell on Parenting

Oct 28, 2013
By: Gwyneth Paltrow & Mary Hartzell, MEd
Mary Hartzell has helped me immeasurably in my quest to be the best possible parent I can be (I often fail). Her research and hands-on practice both as a teacher, and as the director of First Presbyterian Nursery School in Santa Monica, have enabled her to write and create some of the most...
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The Trouble with "Whyyyyyyyyy?"

Jun 11, 2013
You tell your child it’s time for bed. Instead of the pitter patter of feet running up the stairs, you get “ Whyyyyyyy ?” All parents have heard it. The funny thing is, you know your child isn’t really looking for an answer. “Well, dear, your body needs sleep in order for the all the cells to grow...
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