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Kids in the House Tour consults Kids in the House CEO, Leana Greene, to discuss tip for the first day of daycare:

16 Tips for the First Day of Day Care
Experts offer advice for surviving the first day of day care.

Once you find a day care center or family child care center, the real fun can begin!

The first day of day care marks a significant transition for your family. To help both you and your child navigate this change, we spoke with Leana Greene, founder and CEO of Kids in the House, Elizabeth Pantley, author of "The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution," and Renee Thompson, director of education at Kiddie Academy. Their advice will help you begin your day care experience with maximum success and minimum tears.

Before the First Day:

Go Over the Schedule
Prepare your child for what he'll experience at day care. "Be as detailed as possible," advises Greene, and explain these things to your child again and again.

Adjust to the New Routine
Give your family a few days to get used to any new sleep schedule that day care will require. Pantley encourages, "Begin to get up at the time you'll need to awaken on day care days, and set -- and keep -- an appropriate bedtime for a good night's sleep."