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Anyone juggling children and a career knows that being a parent is like a second full-time job. Finding time for both business meetings and soccer practices can get difficult, which leaves even less time—or no time at all—to catch up on ways to be a better mom or dad.

This dilemma inspired Leana Greene—a mother of three from Santa Monica, Calif.—to create, an educational website aimed at helping people improve their parenting skills by inspiring, educating and entertaining through short videos.

“Parents want to do a good job at being parents more than anything else in their lives,” Greene says. “But it’s hard finding time to read all of the great books after you’ve been a parent all day and have also gone to work. I wanted to create a quick and easy way for parents to get answers to their questions and concerns from the best experts in the world.”

Today Kids in the House has more than 8,000 videos featuring more than 450 parenting experts. Constantly trying to improve her business, Greene is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

“Being a member has given me inspiration to come up with new things and has been a way for me to get advice and solve problems,” Greene says. “As an entrepreneur, you always have to try and reinvent yourself and do better.” By the end of 2015, Greene plans to launch a subscription portion of the website that will provide longer, more in-depth content. Here the CEO of Kids In The House shares advice for succeeding professionally and as a parent.

1. Your “to-do” list is always going to be too long. Prioritize it.

2. Have a special date with each child every week to ensure that you stay connected with your kids as individuals. You can keep it really simple, but they will still appreciate it.

3. Be organized. For example, try to schedule all of the kids at the dentist or doctor at the same time. Little things like this will save you time