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Why won’t my baby sleep?!

Should I snoop on my teenager?

Is my picky eater getting enough nutrients?

When you become a parent, there’s no shortage of questions or things to worry about. That’s why Babble is partnering with Kids in the House. With over 9,000 videos from over 500 leading parenting experts, Kids in the House is the world’s largest parenting video library.

Each month, the experts at Kids in the House will offer advice to help you tackle your toughest parenting challenges — right here on Babble!

To kick things off, we caught up with the site’s founder and mom of three, Leana Greene, to learn more about Kids in the House and how she’s managed to help so many parents.


What made you decide to start Kids in the House?

Every parent’s main goal in life is to be a great parent. After I had kids, I realized that there were tons of parenting classes to take and books to read, but I simply didn’t have enough time. I wanted to create a resource where parents could find quick and easy video answers to their problems, and out of that idea Kids in the House was born. I wanted to bring parents everywhere expert information that they might otherwise not have access to and equalize the access to top experts.

What do you wish you had known before you became a mother?

I wish I had known that my heart would forever be outside my body in a different place and that I would never, ever, ever stop worrying and that I would find the biggest joy of my life in parenting. I’ve never loved anything as much as my kids.

What is one topic that you find particularly challenging as a parent?

I think the most challenging thing I deal with is finding balance and feeling like I am enough as a parent, especially because I have more than one kid.

I feel like there is no such thing as finding the perfect work-life balance. When you’re at work you will always feel guilty that you’re not with your kids, and with your kids you will always feel guilty that you’re not at work. It is more about managing my guilt and making an effort to divide my time as best I can between being a CEO and a mother of three. I think it’s really important to get special alone time with each of my kids each week so that I can bond with them.