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Kids in the House Tour, Moms & Babies, Celebrity Baby Blog from Around the Web, Features Brooke Burke-Charvet's Kids in the House Video "The Power of a Family Meeting," where she advises:

"I think family meetings are incredibly important, and it was actually my brother, Tommy, who really introduced me to this concept. And it's a religious tradition, and I really like it, because it's very simple. And it sort of works like this in my family. I call for a family meeting, and it's a time when we all gather, and it's sort of an open platform for my children to speak about anything and everything, with no limits, no risks of getting into trouble, no one holding any grudges, and it's really a free space to communicate as a family. I think it's important, because it promotes dialogue, and sometimes we come to a family meeting, and no one wants to talk. Well, I always want to talk. My husband and I always want to talk, but sometimes the kids don't really know what to say, and you can start a family meeting by saying, "So, is there anything that anyone wants to talk about?" It's like crickets. "Is there anything bothering anybody?" And then all of the sudden things start coming up. So, the deep meaning behind it is to prove to your children that above all, first and foremost, our family comes first, and our family is most important. So, if every Thursday night, for example, at 5:30 we're having a family meaning, that means every Thursday night at 5:30, this is our priority, and nothing can really interfere with that. So, nothing else gets planned, and that shows the children that our family is more important than anything else. I think that's great. But it also creates an open dialogue. So, it maybe is a time, for me as a mother, to say, "I've been feeling a little bit bad about the way that I disciplined you yesterday, and I really apologize for that if I hurt your feelings, and are we good? Are we okay with that?" I think it's really important to be accountable, as a parent, to be honest, to be authentic, to be able to share the feelings that you have behind some decisions that you make. So, it's an opportunity for everybody to discuss anything they want. Anything that's bothering you. Anything we need to change. Sibling rivalries. Whatever is going on, but it's an important commitment that you make as a family where "This is our open free space to talk." And I love it. Family meetings are great."