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The Examiner gives detail on why CEO Leana Greene started Kids in the House and what this new resource can mean for parents:

KidsintheHouse: Solutions to Your Parenting Problems One Video Away

It's no big secret that we live in a fast-paced world, and for parents, it can feel even faster. Between working, making sure our kids get to school on time, and then to soccer practice or dance recital, we sometimes skip the big stuff, including problems we may not have the answers to. Some of the most important things we should consider, may get pushed aside in our hectic, demanding schedules. We risk overlooking crucial things that help define our child’s character. This is where comes in, a website of parenting resources that devoted three years interviewing world-renowned parenting experts and getting their advice on video to use as a go-to reference for parents who need answers now. is about understanding. If straight parents have a gay child, for instance, they can watch a video and get expert advice from gay parents. This is a wonderful concept about going beyond what we ourselves may know and feel, and experience someone else’s story. Not only that, but through video, we get a real sense of the person we are seeking guidance from – their facial expressions, their tone, their energy. There is always something new to learn, after all, no matter how old we are. While children look to parents for support and guidance, adults may not have all the answers, for no one person experiences everything there is to experience.