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ET shares Brooke Burke's exclusive advice, captured by Kids in the House, on losing post-pregnancy weight:

As a mother of four, Brooke Burke-Charvet has had her fair share of experience with pregnancy. Always keeping a fit physique, she reveals a technique for losing baby weight that she swears by.

"I really...believe in belly binding," Burke-Charvet reveals in ET's exclusive clip of her series. "It's an age-old secret that's been around for thousands of years. It's not for everyone; it's not the most comfortable thing, but I did it and I actually got back in shape with baby no. 3 and 4 in my thirties...much easier than I did in my twenties with my first two children."

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The 41-year-old model, actress, and Dancing with the Stars host's success with the technique inspired her to create her own belly band, called Tauts, a compression garment which she describes as similar to a corset.

Although, the method has taken on the aura of a celebrity fad, Burke-Charvet attests that it is effective and worth giving a try for mothers seeking to promptly shed baby weight.

"'This is a natural way of getting your belly back. It supports all this baggy baby skin; it reminds you to keep your core engaged,' she says. '...I believe...that it helps shrink the swollen uterus much quicker. The support feels great.'

While the main focal point of mothers is to recapture their pre-baby figure, Burke-Charvet adds that it's also important for mothers to retain some of their pre-baby lifestyle.

'Get out of your sweats. Blow dry your hair. Wipe off the baby spit and drool. Put on some perfume. Remember the woman that you were before you had children,' she urges.

'I think it's so easy to get into a rut where, 'Now, I'm mom and now I'm just someone's mom.' You've got to remember who you were before you became a mother. You're still someone's wife. ... You're still a sensual woman.'

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Watch the video below for ET's exclusive clips of Brooke Burke-Charvet's videos.