KidsInTheHouse the Ultimate Parenting Resource
Kids in the House Tour

Red Tricycle is one of the greatest resources for parents all over the world. Kids in the House is honored to be featured on their site as a newly established resource!

Kids in the House promotes their site as the ultimate parenting resource. We gotta admit that at first we were a bit skeptical. Ultimate parenting resource? Really? Well, we take it back. Kids in the House does indeed cover pretty much everything you would ever want to know about parenting from adoption choices to how to bond with your newborn to diagnosing a child with special needs and everything in between.

The best part? Kids in the House isn’t just a slew of snore-worthy articles from unreliable sources. Their resources come in the form of high quality videos from professional experts and other parents who have experienced the same issues you’re going through and survived to tell the tale.

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