Long-term effects of bullying

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Long-term effects of bullying

So I think it is very difficult as a parent when you realize that your child comes home everyday and says my teacher is not listening. The administrators are not listening. As a parent you want to intervene. So the first thing is your child needs to tell you everyday what is happening. If they are old enough they should be documenting on site the day, the time,who was involved and what happened. Once you have a paper trail then you can start to tell the school exactly what has been happening and that you actually have documentation of it. The second step once you have documentation is to find the legal statutes of your state regarding what you can do in terms of prosecution. Because bulling has detrimental effects. It has long term effects in terms of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It had long term effects in terms of children ending up in abusive long term relationships with their significant others. It has long term effects in terms of major depressive disorder. As a parent if you don't actually tell the school that you have documentation and that you know the legal statutes is the state and suing the school and prosecuting the students that are bullying then you won't have any leg to stand on. Then you child maybe - has the possibility of psychological long term effects.

View Stephanie Mihalas, PhD, NCSP's video on Long-term effects of bullying...


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Stephanie Mihalas, PhD, NCSP

Child Psychologist

Dr. Stephanie Mihalas is a licensed psychologist and a nationally certified school psychologist. Mihalas is the founder of The Center for Well-Being: Psychological Services for Children, Youth, and Families in Los Angeles, CA. Mihalas treats a wide variety of children and adolescents ranging as young as two through the later adolescent years utilizing evidenced-based interventions. Mihalas also provides school consultation. The primary focus of Mihalas' research background is in relational and physical aggression. She presents at national and state conferences and is published in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters. She also frequently engages in print and radio media ventures and has been in magazines such as Teen Vogue and Parents. Mihalas completed her postgraduate work at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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