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Tobacco Use

Teens and Smoking - Expert Advice to Prevent and Stop your Teen From Smoking

According to the most recent Surgeon General’s Report entitled, Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People, the report focuses on the vulnerability of teens and teen smoking, especially between the ages of 10-18, the ages most users start using tobacco products. Studies show that over 28% of high school teens smoke. It demonstrates the health effects of the use of tobacco products as well as smokeless tobacco products. A major portion of this report is devoted to defining an effective, coordinated, non-smoking public health program geared to stop teens from smoking.
The report used medical, epidemiologic, behavioral and social investigative findings. It points out the overwhelming need for public health efforts that support programs that stop teens from smoking as the first step in reducing the 434,000 deaths that occur annually in the US.
The onset of protracted tobacco and smokeless tobacco use begins in adolescence; teen smoking is decades removed from the tragic side-effects and therefore, adolescents tend to not give it much ... Read more

Expert Karen Khaleghi, PhD, explains the difference between drug or alcohol use versus abuse or addiction and how to protect your teenager from these issues.
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Internationally recognized speaker and author Jean Kilbourne, EdD explains the reasoning behind why teenage girls smoke to stay skinny.
World renowned speaker and activitst Jean Kilbourne, EdD shares on why the tobacco industry targets children and teenagers and the negative impacts of these messages for... read more
Do you know how a 13-year-old girl could become addicted to cigarettes? Internationally acclaimed author and speaker Jean Kilbourne, EdD explains this fascinating topic.
Shepard Kopp, Esq. Criminal Defense Attorney, shares advice for parents on the most common punishments for teens committing minor offenses
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Author and psychologist Michael J. Bradley, EdD's video helps parents by explaining how to discourage teens from sex, drugs and violence.
Psychologist and addiction expert Michael Dennis, PhD discusses the most addictive drugs and how teenagers can get in dangerous situations or possibly overdose.

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