Teens and screen time

Watch Video: Teens and screen time by Vanessa Van Petten, ...
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Teens and screen time

Parents sometimes worry about empty calorie time. Empty calorie time is when a lot of teenagers spend a lot of time online, or chatting on Facebook. They don't get anything done. In fact, it's sort of mind numbing to spend hours and hours texting their friends or watching TV. This is really important for parents to think about because it is usually because teenagers are procrastinating with their homework. How parents can help? First of all, talk to their teenager about what empty calorie time is. Second, have them keep a time log, where they are keeping track of all of their activities online and what they are doing throughout the day. They can actually see how much time they are wasting on Facebook or on chat.

Watch Video: Teens and screen time by Vanessa Van Petten, ...


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Vanessa Van Petten


Vanessa Van Petten is one of the nation's youngest experts, or 'youthologists' on parenting and adolescents.  She wrote her first parenting book, You're Grounded, from the teen's perspective when she was just 17. After winning the Mom’s Choice Award in 2009, she launched her popular parenting website, RadicalParenting.com, which she now writes with 120 other teenagers to answer questions from parents on everything from communication issues to cyberbullying. Vanessa's unique approach has been featured by CNN, CBS Miami, Fox New York, Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, and many more.  She was also on the Real Housewives of Orange County helping the housewives with troubled teens. Her latest book, Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I'm Grounded?  won the Moms Choice Award in 2012. 

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