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Advice for the Working Mom of a Toddler

Jul 07, 2014
By: Kids in the House
At the office, you are the queen of multitasking and known for your pristine workspace. However, at home, it’s a challenge to keep things tidy, knock out a to-do list, and most importantly bond with your toddler. Knowing how to juggle a career and motherhood is not something that happens naturally...
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The Toddler Code of Conduct

May 13, 2014
By: April & FTD
It is your job to wake up at the ass crack of dawn every day. ALWAYS crap your pants AFTER leaving the house. Your best bet is to clench those cheeks together until you have left your street, then EXPLODE!!! To achieve Legend status, do this when your parent is in a huge hurry to get somewhere very...
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The Trouble with "Whyyyyyyyyy?"

Jun 11, 2013
You tell your child it’s time for bed. Instead of the pitter patter of feet running up the stairs, you get “ Whyyyyyyy ?” All parents have heard it. The funny thing is, you know your child isn’t really looking for an answer. “Well, dear, your body needs sleep in order for the all the cells to grow...
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