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Crib to Bed Transition Tips

Jul 07, 2019
By: Kids in the House
Has your toddler started to climb his crib like a monkey? If so, pediatrician Dr. Alanna Levine explains that it may be time to free your toddler from the confines of his crib and stave off any accidents. If he isn’t plotting to scale the sides, its okay to wait until your child is about three...
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Transitioning a Baby to a Toddler Bed

Jun 09, 2019
By: Emma Valle
When you brought your tiny newborn home from the hospital, you probably weren’t thinking much, if at all, about the day when your child would outgrow his/her crib. Yet here you are, a couple years later, wondering if that time has come. If there’s anything parenting teaches you, it’s that time goes...
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Three Tips to Help With Toddler Sleep Problems

Aug 05, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Sleep challenges are one of the most commonly heard complaints of pediatricians. Getting toddlers to fall asleep on their own can be a difficult task. Experts commonly advise parents that consistency and routine are important when enforcing bedtime. Here are three tips to help your toddler overcome...
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Tips on Toddler Sleep Training

Aug 04, 2014
By: Kids in the House
As an adult, you know the importance and benefits of a good night’s sleep. And as a parent, you understand how critical it is for your toddler to sleep through the night and nap well during the day. Pediatrician Lawrence Kagan suggests that toddlers should sleep approximately 11 to 13 hours at...
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Make a Bedtime Plan: 8 Tips to Get Your Children to Bed With Brain Science

Dec 06, 2013
By: Katherine Eskovitz
"Just one more story, puleeease?" “I’m thirsty” “Five more minutes!” Bedtime is my most cherished and trying time of day. I love cuddling in a chair with my kids and reading that extra chapter. But the bedtime period is tough, not just because I’m exhausted, but because I know that creeping...
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6 Tips to Help Your Co-Sleeping Baby Transition into His Own Bed

Jul 23, 2013
By: Kim West, LCSW-C
There are many benefits to safely co-sleeping with your children. But what if you're ready to make a change and end your co-sleeping relationship? Maybe no one is sleeping (remember, families that contact me who are co-sleeping want to change it, because what they're doing isn't working), or your...
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