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Adoption Costs Videos

Adoption Attorney Felice Webster explains which expenses for birth mothers that adopting parents can pay for, and how the legality of various expenses can differ by the... read more
View Scout Masterson's video on Choosing a non-profit adoption agency...
Jennifer Bliss, PsyD Adoption Expert, explains how much it usually costs to adopt a baby, depending on the type of adoption, if an adoption agency or adoption attorney... read more
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There a millions of individuals around the world who would like to adopt a child.
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel shares advice for adoptive parents on the best methods for paying for and covering the medical bills related to adoption and the birth... read more
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel explains what the usual range is for adoption costs, including legal fees, homestudy cost, birth mother support, and more
What happens if the birth mother changes her mind about an adoption? Longtime adoption attorney Stephen Ravel explains important logistics and what parents should know... read more
Highly experienced adoption attorney Stephen Ravel reviews financial help opportunities for parents looking to adopt, considering the process can be extremely long and... read more
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel explains what types of financial support are able to be covered by adopting parents for a birth mother and which types are illegal
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