How to become a foster parent

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How to become a foster parent

The process to become a foster parent, you have to take a couple of classes, you get a test and you do an application telling them what your family was like and why you want to be a foster parent. They might come over your home and look at it, make sure you have sufficient space for the child. When I have an opening at my home, I’ll receive a call and the social worker at the other end of the call will tell me a little about the kid, what their grades are like, what their behaviors are like, if they have good behaviors and bad behaviors, so before I choose to take a child in my house, I already know all about that child. I remember with my first foster child, I only had her for a couple of hours and I went to my bedroom and all of my laundry was folded on my bed. She thought she had to do something in order to be loved in our home and I had to sit her down and tell her it’s okay to be a child and that we are going to keep her and it’s just so amazing that daughter of mine is now 30 and lives down the street with her husband and my beautiful grandchildren. You know people say to me all the time that these kids have problems; it’s strange to me because It was their parents that have problems. Now some of the kids might have a reaction, but out of the 30 foster kids that I’d had, maybe 2% had major problems. The rest of them were so absolutely grateful they can’t do enough. Some of them had called me mom from the moment they walked into my house because they want to have a mother that loved them so badly. My kids have grown up to be criminal prosecutors, fashion designers, doctors, social workers. My kids are amazing; if you’re thinking about being a foster parent, I’m going to tell you right now, you’ll going to get way more out of it than they ever get from you. It’s a blessed life.

View Lauri Burns's video on How to become a foster parent...


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Lauri Burns

Teen Project Founder & Author

Lauri Burns was once a “system kid”, a heroin addict and a prostitute. She is now a self-made success: a foster mom, the founder of one of the most recognized new charities in the US, the owner of an Information Technology firm, and author of Punished for Purpose, which chronicles her life struggles and the formula she used to become a success.

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